Would it be wise if I just move on and find another passion?

Hi guys, I'm 19, male, Australian.

So back in 2018. I decided I wanted to work in aged care as an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) I did a course in 2018 then another in 2019 for extra experience. Courses are 6 months each.

Sadly, to get into any job in Aged care. You need to have paid work experience. Like 1000hrs or so. I sadly have none. During my two courses. We have this thing called Vocational Placement (its like work experience but without pay. Basically you do what you've been trained to do in an Aged care facility of your choosing for about 2 or 3 weeks) my experience with that was terrible. I have around 7 Aged care facilites within me and they're all really easy to get to. Some of them are even walking distance.

I've put myself out there. I did volunteering for 8 or 9 months at an Aged care facility. They let me go as they wanted "reliable" volunteers (I had to get 5 or so moles removed) its stupid if you ask me.. Luckily I got a referee. Volunteering doesn't count as paid work either.

Out of all my job hunting. I only got 1 job interview. Didn't get in. FYI I have no drivers license as I'm on my L's. Apart from applying online I've also done like a million of times. I've also done it in person also... no luck as usual.

Currently I'm working as a casual cleaner at my old school for an entire month then I'm back to square one. I've been doing cleaning for around 3 months now.

I've basically been unemployed for a year or so if you add all my times of unemployment and job seeking up.

If you were in my shoes. Would it be wise to move on? Because to be honest I've pretty much had enough.
Would it be wise if I just move on and find another passion?
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