What age would you prefer your kids get their first job?

I really messed up by not getting a job until after I graduated. Although I had an assoc/bach, I didn't have the experience required for most job positions. My mom wanted us to get jobs during the summers in between, but never forced us, so we didn't. Its crazy cause rn she's considering taking on a second job when I move out, instead of forcing my 19 year old sis to get her first job. My mom has already talked her out of attending college because my sis has always dealt with selective mutism. But I honestly feel that shouldve ended years ago. Plus my sis actually wanted to attend college but let my mom talk her out of it. Now my moms excusing her from getting a job. My sis only really talks to me and a few select friends but only really about video games, art, or tv shows. She won't talk to anyone else and basically had my mom talk for her at a job interview. It was ridiculous to watch 🤦‍♀️ Then neither of them called back the job after missing the interviewers return call. In HS she hardly talked to her teachers and would only communicate through writing them notes/signs. At this point she just seems spoiled. ANYWAYS... I’d like my kids to get their first jobs during the summer around like age 17. While in HS/college, I don’t want them working during the school year because we’re going to focus on them excelling academically in hopes they get full tuition scholarships like I did. But either way, Im sure at that age, they’d get more job experience then I ever had. #FeelFreeToList #SaveTheDate #ParentalFavoritism
What age would you prefer your kids get their first job?
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What age would you prefer your kids get their first job?
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