Is 21 too late to start studying to be an ENTREPRENEUR?

Is 21 too late to start studying to be an ENTREPRENEUR?
Yes my anxiety is getting to me.

Last week I said that I'm basically starting my life over. You can read it here.

One of the things I want to do is getting back into Entrepreneurship. I've always wanted to be an investor and maybe run my own Real Estate company.

When I left high school I tried. I studied to trade stocks and when I was 19 I made a Robinhood account and tried to invest, and I blew it. I rushed into it with little knowledge and practice trying to make as much money as I can with what little I had. I made some good trades, but the bad ones killed them. It discouraged me from doing it again and with other issues I've been going through I've lost interest for almost a year and a half.

Well now I think I'm going to just forget what I know and start from square one. I'm going to do actual research and practice my trades, and most importantly I'm going to take my time with this and not rush into it like last time, and I'm going to see my mistakes as something to learn from not a reason to quit.

Embarrassingly I'm still living off my mother's allowance and plasma donations, but there's a medical billing company that's trying to get it's start and my mother is training me to work with them, and I'm basically pre hired, but that job isn't a guaranteed because there's an issues with trying to find a new owner, but I'm still hoping, and there's also other billing companies that might be interested.

Whatever my income is I think I'm going to take all my change and put in a stock broker account while I practice stock trading. I will save it up to $1000 or so before I even think about trading again.

I've had a talk with my mother about my plan and she told me that no matter what I decide to do with my life she 100% supports me no matter how long it takes. I may have made mistakes in my life, but I'm going to turn them around.
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Is 21 too late to start studying to be an ENTREPRENEUR?
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