Should I continue to try and work despite some limitations I have?

I'm going through a phase in my life where I'm beginning to feel stuck, isolated and depressed. I went from sleeping three hours at night to not sleeping all night. Now I'm losing interest in eating like my appetite is gone. Right now I am staying I am staying with my grandparents because I just seperated from my husband a few months ago and have no desire to go back. I also wanted to stay and help my grandmother heal from her surgery which she just had. I have been out of work a few months now. Some of my family is really forcing the idea of applying for SSI onto me despite me saying no. They think they know what is best for me but I think they are just looking at my past. They won't support my decision to work. Not working has changed my life in dramatic ways that I am not proud of as a 24 year old woman. I don't want to depend on my grandparents or family members financially because it makes my life dependent on them in many ways. I also have a three year old son to provide for. His father has custody but I still get visitation. I have had a lot of jobs but have been able to hold down a job before with Voc. Rehabilitation Services but my life was stable then. Then I became homeless off and on for four years due to unexpected circumstances and some poor decision making regarding men. In my case I have Auditory Processing Disorder and ADD. I have just started taking medication for the first time for ADD but I can't tell the effects yet. The only income I have is after I file taxes and I know they will try to hang onto that for me. I don't know what to do I have no where else to go and I don't want to make drastic moves until my grandma heals. Should I sneak and try to work without them knowing? I just want to live a normal and productive life. They are really doubting me. I think if I stay here they will enable me, discourage me and get in the way of my dreams.
Should I continue to try and work despite some limitations I have?
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