I missed the call of a potential employer abroad?

I passed my resume on line on Wednesday, February 8.
Three days after, I did not expect they will call me on the weekend, Saturday.
I really felt bad that I missed their call because I was having out of town with my family and left my phone. We go home at the house around 10PM.
I tried calling them back on Sunday, but there landline says "please call during operation hours 9AM-6PM during Mondays - Friday.

So on Monday, around 10AM. I called them immediately through my Skype credit international call. I don't know who was that but he said the person who probably calling me for the job was "Ivy" who was absent today. He told me to contact me back and tell her.

I don't really want to lose this opportunity. It's once in a lifetime to have a job abroad, it has been always my dream of.

What should? Should I call again tomorrow? I am afraid this guy will forgot to tell the HR.
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I missed the call of a potential employer abroad?
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