Will an employer fire you for this?

I recently started a new job at a Starbucks in the airport. Temporary full time job until I go back to school. I was hired to be a pm worker but I have been training as early as 4am since Wednesday and I don’t drive. I live in Chicago so public transportation and Ubers are quite easy for me to access but the transportation around my house stops running quite early and I would have to be out the house at 2am in order to get there by 4am and on top of transportation no longer being available around where I live until 3:30am, no one wants to be on any public transportation that late at night so I’ve been spending at least $80 on Ubers. Considering I’ve been training for three days. The Uber’s have been around $40-$50 each day. So I mentioned it to my manager, actually texted since she wasn’t there today, asking if it would be fine if I could start training at 5am instead. It would be better for my transportation availability and save me the money I’ve been spending on Ubers that I really don’t have. At least not for that.
Will an employer fire you for this?
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