Have you ever had to challenge your own belief? ?

About yourself or others?

Sometimes you have to confront the reality that what you know... IS WRONG! We all learn from what we are taught, experience... and have to challenge ourselves continually if what we believe of ourselves and others is true. Our efficient yet programmable brains don't want to work that hard continually, they strive to conserve energy and thus oppose new inputs.

In recent history. Some people thought women and black people were not so capable as to do high math. These women were in the right place in time and history to show how it is the mind and heart that makes the difference. Fortunately, they received the education to make create use of their gifts


I'm sure quite a few people had to stop and re-evaluate their false assumptions about women, black people.

Keep an open mind, looking for what is true. I want to see this movie...Hidden Numbers.
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Have you ever had to challenge your own belief? ?
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