Should I be a medical secretary, law secretary or a general office secretary?

Soooo after this corona bullshit is over im finally gonna be able to go to my part time job.. i plan to buy a car and get my license and once i do that i will be going to a community college to get certified in something so i can make enough money to rent a 1 bedroom apartment. i want to get a degree in computer programming but thatll take two years to complete and i want to move out by at least 19 and with all the requirements and shit to get an apartment if i did my associates now id porbably wouldn't move out till like 21/22 and i feel like i won't be able to really be independent and start my life if im still living with my parents (which Im sure planted a camera in my room amd bugged my phone) in my musty room... and the certification for a secretary is only a year and makes an average of 35,000 so imma do that but I don't know which one i should get certified in. some things about me are i am kind of interested in politics so i am leaning towards that but if i did medical my mom is in a high position in that community so i could probably have an easier time getting a job but then with the general secretary, itd probably simpler to just get that one. its not like im planning to make this my future its just something temporary till i can get into information technology so thats a reason that option looks good... so yeah i need help
Medical secretary
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Should I be a medical secretary, law secretary or a general office secretary?
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