I want to quit my job?

I work at a nursing home as a CNA, I work with all women from 3-11. I'm so tired of my job because my coworkers and one in particular nurse treat me like crap and make me feel like I'm stupid. A lot of them try to take advantage of me because I'm really nice, I try to help the other aides with their halls as much as I can if asked and I'm never mean. I always try to be friendly. They try to push me to do the crappy work because they don't want to. Also, just the way they talk to me at times is rude and they try to be bossy and tell me what to do. I've been an aide for almost a year and I am plenty capable of doing my job. A huge group of them make plans on their off days or go on break together and I've never once been an invited to a single thing which didn't bother me until here recently. I'm 19 and a lot of these women are a lot older than I am or in their 20's. If they are talking to each other in a group at work and I walk up to them, some of them just look at me like I'm stupid and make me feel like I don't belong. I love what I do, but I don't like being treated this way by other people. What do I do? I've tried to hold off on quitting my job due to COVID-19 and there not being many jobs available, but I am just so tired of being treated like trash and feeling like I don't belong.
I want to quit my job?
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