Am I in the wrong for my actions today?

So, basically, I run a store for a big ol corporation that peddles fabric and craft supplies. Most all of my employees are women, most of them are a decade or 2 older than myself, so they like to get catty when I tell them what to do.

Today I asked, then asked again, then TOLD one of my managers to get the beverage coolers near all the registers restocked. I've been running all over, dealing with our regional maintenance who came to assess a busted drain line, as well as the Glory maintenance guy who's fixing our safe, and trying to get through about 6 interviews for new hires because the kids are out of school and gotta get jobs somewhere.

I get back in my office after the third time saying this to her and hear over the radio, which I also happen to have on, this manager telling a cashier "I'm not listening to a word that little girl says, she can restock that shit herself."

So I get on the radio and say "Okay Jenny, (let's call her "Jenny") you can take the rest of the day off. I'll take care of it."

She responded with "fuck you, I quit" from across the store, through the radio and broke it, and stormed out.

One of my cashiers restocked the beverage coolers with me. It took maybe 15 minutes for all 4 of them.

So, am I the asshole here for asking that a simple task be done?
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Am I in the wrong for my actions today?
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