Please help me solve this math problem?

I find it hard to solve the following, can someone help me answer them and provide solution. Thanks!

1. A conference room is ¾ full. After 24 participants left the conference room is 3/8 full. Find the seating capacity?
2. 83 1/3 % of a number exceeds 66 2/3 % of the same number by ___ ?
3. Paula has 28 feet of ribbon. She uses 6 1/3 feet for each of the 4 dresses that she sew and decides to make 8 ornaments using equal length of ribbon for each. How many inches of ribbon is used for each ornament. (12 inches – 1 ft)
4. An aluminum bronze consist of copper and aluminum, usually in the ratio of 10:1 by weight. If an object made of this alloy weighs 88kg, how many kilograms of copper does it contain?
5. The sum of 16 2/3 % of a number and 33 1/3 % of the same number is 84. What is the number?
Please help me solve this math problem?
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