My friend told my boyfriend "You have a job, not a career." Should my friend apologize?

Read the conversation before commenting. For context, he is an electrician and she's an English teacher. Here it goes:

BF: "Why are you going back to school?"
Friend: "Because my district will pay for it and I'll get a raise after 6 credit hours."
BF: "Or you could just get a job that pays more."
Friend: "My career pays plenty."
BF: "My job pays more than your career and it didn't require a degree."
Friend: "No, your career requires you to work more hours for more pay. Your base salary is almost $10,000 less than mine."
BF: "Right. I make more."
Friend: "No, you're on the clock more. Your salary is still $17/hr. Mine is $35."
BF: "Whatever. I still work and get paid more."
Friend: "No, you do not work more. I don't get paid to grade papers or plan outside of my contractual hours. But I do just as much, if not more, work than you do on a daily basis. And, like I said, you are not paid more. You're just on the clock more."
BF: "My check is higher at the end of the day, and I also didn't need to get a degree."
Friend: "Your income is higher if you get hours and overtime, which you regularly complain that you don't so you have to burn your PTO."
BF: "Still more money than you. I don't mind using it to get by."
Friend: "And less actual time off that you worked for, unlike myself, who earns sick leave and gets to take it whenever I please instead of using it to 'get by'."
BF: "What's your point?"
Friend: "My point is that's the difference between your job and my career. I don't 'get by' and I still have a versatile degree with benefits, a lot of sick leave, and time off with regular raises. You have... well, a job."

Now she's not allowed in our house because he feels insulted. I agree that she was rude, but I also think she wasn't wrong with what she said, and I feel that he kinda poked the bear by demeaning her education. Also, we live in a state that pays teachers pretty okay. She's not rich, but she's not taking on second jobs, either.
My friend told my boyfriend "You have a job, not a career." Should my friend apologize?
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