What is the smartest choice to make?

I am stuck between two options, and because of COVID-19, I don`t have many.

First option: Try everything to go to the US. I got accepted to an American institution. Offered in state tuition and all the good stuff. However, there are no visa appointments and I can't get over this fall. If I can't get over in January either, I will lose all the benefits and will have to wait a whole year to go back to school. Student loan will be total around 60k dollars if I get there in time. Go there for three years.

Second option: go to Scotland. They offer scholarships. Easy to get over. No need for visa. However, my American credits from first year won't transfer, so I would have to take four years. Total student loan would be around 80k dollars. Easier to get job because I am from Norway. The school may offer a paid working year. I could go straight away this fall if I apply asap.

I am stuck, because if I go for Scotland, the visa appointments might suddenly open. However, if they do not open, I have to wait a whole year to go back to school. On the other hand, Scotland is more expensive.

What do you think I should do?
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What is the smartest choice to make?
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