Would you support only the "A" players of police?

Police have a very difficult job... one of the toughest. To do that day in and out in rough areas is asking a lot. To be confronted by a person in one moment with a threat to their life... and stop a car with a concealed carry later... how do they do this and stay sane? Managing cops gets into all sorts of questions in employment... and I wonder if some of them are on the job longer than they should be.
Would you support only the A players of police?
This issue is true for teachers, nurses, etc.. There are people doing these jobs who should not be. But due to the golden handcuffs of benefits and tenure, they may stay well beyond their emotional capacity to really do the job well. And stuff gets harder as we get older... trust me...

The result can be incidents that make everyone look bad because they wear a common uniform. Whether it's the UPS delivery guy who throws your package in the yard... we associate uniform with same person... when in fact, they are individual scenarios.

All theory... what do you think.. should we align the system so that only the cream of the crop are out there? Might have serious capacity issues... so continual re-training... cost.
Would you support only the "A" players of police?
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