Would I be abusing the system?

I'm an upperclassman in college, and my laptop has stopped working. I can't pay for repairs and I don't have the money to buy a new one to finish my summer classes, and my parents have told me that they would not pay over $100 for one (meaning no lol) My sister has been letting me borrow hers. The only problem with that is that I have to leave home in August because I've already signed an apartment lease, and despite covid, the complex won't let me out of it. My sister understandably, doesn't want me to take her laptop with me. I've just found out that my school has resources that will give students free laptops due to financial difficulties caused by the virus. The selfish part of me wants to apply, but I have a working laptop that I can use now, or as long as my sister will let me. If I apply and get accepted, would I be abusing the system?
Would I be abusing the system?
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