Should I cut back to just one job?

I've been working 2 jobs now for about 2 weeks. Doing the same job for the same pay rate. However, one wants me to work longer hours than the other. The 2nd place kinda seems like closes early a lot due to lack of business. Usually on my shift we usually get maybe about 4 or 5 customers. Where as at my first job they keep coming in. Don't get me wrong its a nice place and I love it. But, i feel like the first place really depends on me more and that's where I'm grounded at. Because at the end of my shift at one place I have to rush to the 2nd place. And by the time i get home its time for bed. And I dont really sleep like a log. So yeah I think it's time to go back to one job.
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Plus at work I end up usually mixing the two up
Should I cut back to just one job?
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