Can you help me solve these Math Problem?

I am an English Major, not so good in Math and I needed help from someone.
Please provide solutions so I can understand it.

1. When a number is increased by 33 2/3 % of itself, the result is 84. Find the number.
2. 83 1/2% of a number exceeds 66 2/3% of the same number by ______.
3. Marivic bought 84 pounds of popcorn. She kept 1/4 fore her family, gave 1/7 of the remainder to her friends, and distributed the rest equally among 54 street kids. How many ounces did each street kids get? (1 lb=16 onz)
4. If in 5 days a computer secretary can encode 120 pages, 36 lines to a page and 16 words in a line, how many pages of 32 lines per page and containing 12 words in a line can he encode in 3 days?
5. Glenly and Luz, working together, can finish binding 1000 books in 4 1/2 days. Luz, working alone, can bind the 1000 books in 10 days. How long will it take Glenly to do the same job working alone?

I will vote and give points for the best answer in g@g. Thanks!
Can you help me solve these Math Problem?
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