Why do my teachers call me defeatist for having realistic life goals?

Before i was leaving for school early because of the virus. I was doing my GCSEs. If im totally honest i don't care for school. I understand some people need school to better their life and don't have any form of education and im extremely privileged to go school but i don't think school works for everyone.

Im from a upper working class family in England and the only one to go uni is my sister and she was already successful in her career before that. I have a good life and i don't live to work, i work to live. Why should i chase success? what will i actually get out of spending my time chasing money and then die regretting not enjoying my life.

My teachers were being massive dicks to me because i wasn't studying for most my subjects besides maths and English. They asked what i wanna do in my life, i said. Get a stable job, my own house and a family. They told me that was boring and that because im a bright student i should want to go uni.

Uni is useless in the real world and most students end up working in asda or pizza hut afterwards just so they don't have to pay off the debt. They said i was being defective and that i will never get a good job if i don't pass my exams and go uni how ironic coming from a teachers mouth. 😅

I just want to have the easy life, I said i wanted to be a factory manager to my teachers and they all laughed and acted snotty about it. After i finish work i want to be able to leave it there. I don't want some boring posh office job, couldn't think of anything worse.

Why do they think its there places to tell me what to do with my life? They aren't even good teachers so i don't know why they are trying to give us false hope by telling us were amazing and can do anything we want in life but only if we pass a test. Im sorry but i see success as happiness and fulfillment not a number on a piece of paper.
Why do my teachers call me defeatist for having realistic life goals?
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