Do you believe unemployment will be too high during this pandemic everywhere in the world?

I think I m one of those statistics and I believe I wotn find a job in many years and Im not getting any younger And that could be a little frustrating as Im very young to end working now. I like to work in a office I dotn like tow ork from home cause I dont have a room at home that look like an office and my technology equipment is not top nothc, my internet reception is not so good so if I work from home I need a good internet reception and I will have to update ar room in my house to make it look moroe like an office and I dont have money to update now any room in my house for that cause Im unemployed now. I had always had been use to work outside my house but also working outside for meis better as to change enviroments not to be stuck at home 24/7 working from home, I need to breath fresh air but also is nice to mingle with other coworkers and meet new people and oly physically working ina office or building I can do that, from home I can't. The thing is I got fired last November after 15 years of the company.

I got fired at my 48yrs of age. After my firing I decide that I will start to look for a new job in January., as December there are the holidays and many companies are not hiring for celebrations. So it came January and I started first to update my resume. I sent out online some resumes to companies there were hiring, but no luck, then in March I went to a Job Fair and no success there either as the job positions there really did not apply for Im experienced of but also the different companies at the fair had no job positions of what I do. So no success there. Then in March in my country the virus started and everyone lock in their houses, schools close, companies close temporarily, everything was close. Companies firing employees or decreasing personnel.

So it was not the best time to keep looking for a job so I stopped looking but also because I doubt executives were going to start hiring people and call them for job interviews to go to the site.
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Time had passed and even though some business are re-opened in my area, employment remains similar like months before several companies are not hiring new personnel in the couple of months for the economy or they will keep reducing staff So if I start looking for a job my chances to find a new one or the chances to land a job interview first and foremost is very slim. My age could play a role to find a job fast or not, cause not all companies like to hire people over 45 Also my position is
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a receptionist/secretary I can't work from home my job has to be on the site and now many companies do not even require a secretary so looking for a job is hard now. Now many job positions had changed roles in different companies and even thouse some secreatries could be sought after, either I downgrade my positon and earn much less in this crisis time to find something fast or it be too difficult to find a job in my real job position and I won't find a job maybe until next year.
Do you believe unemployment will be too high during this pandemic everywhere in the world?
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