Co-worker complains about working too much?

Basically, he works 5 or 6 days a week at a fast food place. Now, i only see this job as temporary until i can get a job that i like, full-time. So i was doing 4 shifts a week, but now i cut my shifts down to 3 a week - i started disliking the job. When he (the co-worker im talking about) heard about this he said "you think you need 1 more day off a week? I'm working far more than you! 6 days a week!" I just thought in my head "well, thats his problem for choosing to work that much, and letting his manager persuade him to work that many shifts" Now that co-worker is weird towards me and really quiet. Oh, I've also given/offered him plenty of things, to help him get through his shifts such as free cigarrettes or food or drink. What do you think his problem is?
Co-worker complains about working too much?
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