Can you please read the details?

I have 2 important exams this week and then, a month later I have an important decision to make, which will affect my entire future. I am really terrifying for the decision, more than the exams. I’ve started to see dreams which makes me up at night for four days. They’re dreams, not nightmares. In four days, I’ve seen lots of dreams but one specific one.. I’ve seen it twice in four days and it makes feel so real.
I’m walking to my home in the middle of the night, and from the middle of nowhere, suddenly, a white dog appears right in front of me. The dogs seemed exhausted and I just looked at it, then all of a sudden, it jumped right on my chest. I woke up and I had really felt it on my chest. For a second or two, I couldn’t even realize it was a dream. (I’ve never attacked by a dog in my real life)
As I said before, I’ve seen lots of dreams everyday for four days, but any of them made me feel like this real before. If we consider my obligatory decisions that I have to make, I think these dreams are trying to tell me something. By reason of I’ve always believed that our dreams tell us a lot about our subconscious mind, so that they can lead us to find our ways.
I would really be happy if someone recommends me an app, website, somebody or something like that to understand the meaning of my dreams, especially the one about the dog.
Can you please read the details?
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