Amother serious question for the day?

Yeah pretty sure all my questions and stuff lately have been about my depression or depression in general. So sorry for that. But damnit I am having a hard time right now and trying to just get through it. And this shit helps so lol. But I just realized soemthing from watching a movie again. Why do we not teach mental health classes in high school? We have PE for our outer health, but where is something to teach us proper inner health and love for our minds? I'm positive at school when I was there I was not the only person who wnated to die everyday. So why didn't we have classes to teach kids how to deal with That, and let them know they aren't alone? If we can't have those conversations, Especially among teenagers who are probably the most in need of help then how do we expect to ever make mental health a priority. No one wants to talk about this topic because of all the stigma. Hell I don't even a lot because I don't want people to just see me as that
Amother serious question for the day?
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