Do I talk to my manger about this?

So I’m a college student and I recently just got a new job which I’m so thankful for because I really needed it. I like it a lot and it’s better than any of the other two jobs I’ve had in the past. I work decent hours and I’ve had 4 shifts the first week including orientation.
so the only thing is, I was told we get paid every Friday but my question is that Friday was yesterday and I did not get paid. I was kinda confused by this because I worked quite some hours and saw nothing. It kinda frustrates me because my parents said my first paycheck was probably a paper check which pisses me off because they never told me anything about that.
I don’t return to work until next week but I really don’t wanna wait that long to say something.
I don't know our cutoff days but I also thought maybe it got cut off and I’ll get paid next week.
should I show up in person sometime this week while I’m off and ask my manager or should I just wait until next Friday to see if my direct deposit hits?
Do I talk to my manger about this?
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