I’m worried that the salary for my dream job is not enough?

I’ve wanted to be a speech therapist/pathologist for a long time because I’m really interested in working with kids or adults who may have speech impediments and communication difficulties. I’ve always been interested in autism in general and would love to work with people who have it.
I plan to get a bachelors degree at university and the return home and work part time whilst getting my masters degree online. Maybe eventually I will strive for a doctorate degree but the only problem is that I’m not sure how good the salary is. It stayed that it can be anything from $70,000 to $100,000 depending on how long you work in the field I guess - and considering my parents have always paid such huge amounts for my education and my mom is a doctor and my dad is a lawyer, I’m worried this job won’t earn me enough money to appear successful. They have always told me their goal was always to earn money to support me and that I should do whatever job I enjoy and they’ll make sure I’m financially OK but I’m worried that I won’t be able to be a good parent like that to my own kids, simply because I’m not choosing a high paying job. I’m also worried I’m going to feel guilty relying on my parents for money. I may be overthinking but I’m really curious as to whether you guys see my point of view and what your take on this is?
I’m worried that the salary for my dream job is not enough?
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