Any RPG games that reached 20 million downloads?

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is now giving rewards to players who download their game. They announced that they reached 20 Million downloads I’m so happy for them. It’s also in different languages so that people can understand what they’re talking about. They spoke Japanese and it’s shown with English subtitles for me X). For other players from Korea they will show in Korean subtitles which is awesome. I’m kinda hooked lol, if I manage to get much stronger I will quit the game so I can focus on studying. To be honest this game make me lazy because it’s so fun to play. If you wanna focus on your job or studying don’t download this game. Because you will be spending so much time on it, for me I have nothing to do at the moment. Certain knighthoods expect you to be active and give them lots of points. One of my friends got kicked out because she is not active and didn’t contribute much :(. Once you join the knighthood they will state requirements and rules. I almost got kicked out like 4 times but luckily I contribute enough.
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Any RPG games that reached 20 million downloads?
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