My school didn’t believe me?

When I started high school I got sick, really sick with a brain condition that caused me constant headaches and it ruined my vision. At the time I was still in the diagnosis stages. But I was trying my best to go to school but sometimes the classes were too loud or the lights in the classrooms were too bright and it hurt my head to the point that it was unbearable just to hold my head up. My teachers weren’t understand at all even though the doctor dealing with my diagnosis had to phone the school and tell them. Music lessons were the hardest because they were too loud, every lesson I’d ask if I could sit out because the pain was too much and one lesson my teacher told me to wait outside and then accused me of lying about it to get out of his classes. My school nurse has been horrible as well, I got sent to her office a lot because of the headaches and double vision and at one point she gave me the most disgusted look and told me that she gave up on me, all because I was too sick to stay in lessons. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed because I was too sick and my school would phone to ask why I wasn’t in and two teachers would come to my house and take me to school themselves in their cars. It honestly felt like I was alone. At one point I ran away on my way to school and when my mom found me, my teachers came and got me and took me to school even though I was trying to explain that I was in so much pain. I had my doctors notes, hospital reports and my medical team tell them multiple time’s that I was really sick yet they didn’t want to believe me. Am I overreacting by feeling like I was really mistreated by my school? I ended up developing a huge fear of school after that.
My school didn’t believe me?
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