What do you do With cheap clients?

For example you run a web or app development business. Clients want you to do a lot of work for them but only for below market prices. If the typical price for such load of work is 3000, they will look for watever excuse to cry and only want to pay you 900. It’s unfair to me how I charge other clients 3000 while I charge you for 900. It’s also unfair to me how I make much less money for the same high quality of work that is expected of me.

I have another friend who wanted me to develop an app for him. He wants to spend as little as possible on it while expecting it to work efficiently According to the way he likes it. It takes immense time and work to develop an app. why would I waste time making an app for 2000 if I can dedicate this time to work for other clients that can pay me five times more?

It just pisses me off.
What do you do With cheap clients?
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