If you received this from a member of your staff, what would you think?

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for sending over the NHS England pdf. I read through it and I must admit who's checking these before they're sent out, there were quite a few spelling mistakes.😏
Anyways it specifically spoke about masks in one section. I'm sure you're aware I've been wearing a ffp3 mask with the standard blue masks on top, which is protected further with the plastic visor.
I have been doing so because I don't feel comfortable with the seal that is created with just the blue masks only.
I wear it sessionally and take it off for an hour at lunch only to place a new blue mask over it again when I return.
I have been trying to protect myself and others by keeping to social distancing guidelines which I know is now 1metre+ whilst still wearing a mask as we are in an enclosed environment and come from different households.
I don't want to catch covid nor pass it on, I'm more keen on this perhaps due to watching dad take his last few breaths after contracting it.
I am also of the understanding that perhaps other staff members believe, I may be being 'over cautious' but I'm trying my best to do what I can to remain safe, protect myself and others.
I'm happy to discuss this further in a meeting but I can say that until we are all allowed to have the ffp3 masks that Sharon and James are being provided with and have a box of the blue masks replaced in the donning room, I will continue to do as I currently am.
If you received this from a member of your staff, what would you think?
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