Should my big sister start her own business or not?

Im asking this question for my big sister as she's also lost her job due to covid.

She worked in events and got made redundant in March, she's been trying really hard to find herself a new job but only had one video interview that went badly out of all the jobs she applied to what didn't either bother getting back to her.

Her boyfriend also has his own business and they both wants to buy a house next year but are thinking they may struggle due to his home life and the fact the banks are abit funny with giving mortgages to self employed people and definitely unemployed people too. So if one of them has a stable, reliable income they are more likely to be given a mortgage.

She says she sees no chance at getting a job this year. She is constantly looking and there is nothing out there. She says she's not sure what she can even do to make money and doesn't think she is smart enough to run a business by herself.

She was thinking of buying Japanese and Korean items online and then selling hampers online full of cute Japanese/Korean. Beauty products, sweets, fashion accessories etc. As their is a big market for that right now with kpop and Japanese culture becoming popular and there are plenty of teenage girls with money to burn around.

I've seen other girls do stuff like this but im not sure if they make much money and they do a lot of social media advertising and do like these online raffles and stuff but i don't fully understand it.
Should my big sister start her own business or not?
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