What should I tell customers who ask me why I’m not wearing a mask?

I work in retail on registers in Australia. Where I live in Australia there aren’t many cases, maybe about 30-40. It’s completely different here compared to the u. s in terms of wearing a mask. There’s still plenty of people who wear a mask but there’s more people who don’t. I just want to state, I’m not an anti masker. I’ll wear one if required but at my work and in my state, it is currently not required so I would rather not spend a 9 hour shift wearing one because 1. It’s uncomfortable 2. I have worn a mask one shift and it was so difficult for customers to understand me which got pretty annoying I understand that it helps to stop the spread but I feel like given the circumstances at my work, I don’t really need to. There is a glass screen across the registers to stop germs and stuff transferring from employees to customers, we place the money down on the counter and then pick it up rather than directly handing it across, and the customers must pack their own bags. As well as this we’re constantly hand sanitising and wiping down everything. So on my last shift I had a lady ask me why I wasn’t wearing a mask and going on about how I’m putting so many people’s lives at risk. How can I respond to this in a customer service friendly way?
What should I tell customers who ask me why I’m not wearing a mask?
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