Does it sound like my job is mistreating me?


I make a minor mistake, something very minuscule, a few times a day like a typo/template error etc. However, every few weeks or so, I make a mistake where my boss may need to confront me after completing an audit. I’ve never been written up but I get mad at myself. Am I really terrible at my job? Or is this common amongst people? I’m new to the field, been working in the field for over a year. Should I look into something else. I feel that I try to be thorough or may overthink a process, some things slip through the cracks. I don’t think others get corrected to this extent, there are also a few people that I don’t care for. One in particular, I really do not talk at my job. Everyone shares of themselves to some degree, I really feel like they don’t know anything about me. People make remarks about my quietness, I’ve just had bad experiences at previous jobs, I really don’t fit in anywhere. With that at the back of my mind, I walked into this job with the mentality to truly stay to myself. Low and behold, shit still hits the fan.
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Does it sound like my job is mistreating me?
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