If I were a man would I already be a loser?

Given the information, would I be a loser if I were a man:
- Currently 33 years old
- Still living with parents
- I don't have enough money for an apartment or house right now
- Can't drive but do want to eventually learn
- BA degree in hotel management but never got hired in hotels nor restaurants
- Got fired from my internship years ago (related to my major) due to incompetence
- Couldn't really cook till age 29/30; could only use the microwave, fry an egg and boil rice
- Started cleaning my bathroom and other areas in the house late too
- I'm working as a phone translator, not what I studied at all
- Little real work experience other than answering back-to-back calls
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20 d
My relationship will end if my boyfriend doesn't see me grow as a person. He wants more changes/improvements but since I started late... it's hard.
If I were a man would I already be a loser?
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