Does it sound like I might get fired at my job?

I’ve been at the same job for over a year and I’m new to the field. I had a new director start in February and I find there are times where I still get corrected. I don’t think it’s normal, I’m comparing it to how others are treated. I do try to be thorough, I find he’s hard on me and maybe doesn’t care for me as much as the others, because I don’t talk to anyone. I am tired of this BS and he asked that I call one student before I left the office today. I felt like I did what I needed to, gave him my explanation and he still requested that I call the student. I just logged off my pc and proceeded to enjoy my weekend. As soon as I log off, he sends a text stating:

I'm not sure why you logged off without calling your student, but we'll follow up with a conversation on Tuesday.

He’s had to address me before due to not showing up to a team building event, I don’t think I’ll get fired but I don’t want to take this shit either.
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Does it sound like I might get fired at my job?
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