Are general labour people always picky?

For four Or five generations in a row nobody in my family or extended family has ever done manual labour cause I have 8 professors in my family and we had always been rich and upper class

my last job was a sales position but I also did a lot of building maintenance work cause I had multiple roles at my job

And people judged me for my lack of experience in general labour / for not knowing about obvious safety hazards and asking questions they thought even 4 year olds should know the answer too / for not paying rent since my parents gave me grace / for working more hours than married couples who had children to support when they needed the money and I didn’t / for being too serious about my job and making them worried they would be replaced / for being visibly bored at work cause my old jobs were more interesting / for living with parents who cooked for me etc...

Its like if you have an easy life or you don’t worry the way they do - they automatically hate you and think your lazy
Are general labour people always picky?
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