I think I want to give up on my education?

Ok so I'm 20 and on my 4th year in a nutritiology university. Graduating is supposed to take 4 years but EVERYONE manages to get their degree in 5-6 years. I tried really hard to become a student here.. and I thought I was happy and that i could do something with my life.. The thing is that I'm REALLY struggling.. maybe in an unhealthy level. I suck, I'm really slow, I study a lot but still have to give each subject 3+ times to pass.. and they are HUGE and really hard.. I don't know if i can do this. I'm not happy.. I hear people saying that you should have fun in your 20s etc but I'm studying so much and I still have almost no progress.. and this is happening 3-4 years now.. ok sometimes i feel better and if i manage to pass a subject it makes me really really happy... but overall having to study and memorize 400+ pages for each lesson again and again makes me sick.. It makes me feel useless.. sometimes I don't even know if I want to be a nutritiologist that bad or if this degree will help me find a good job for sure.. and i don't know what else i could do I have no talents. I just want to be happy and have money.. I cry a lot because of all of this.. I was also diagnosed with depression but I stopped going to a therapist because I cry all the time. If I could at least see some progress i would be happy.. but I don't.. i even pay to have extra lessons to pass some tests.. also the educational system in my country REALLY sucks. I won't go in details but they don't even tell us which 400+ pages to study.. and even if they do sometimes they put other stuff in their exams... it is sickening how tf am i supposed to get a degree and have a life at the same time.. Has anyone else felt something similar?
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I think I want to give up on my education?
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