What do you think of gain of function research?

Just curious bout other people's opinions on it. I first learned of it last year during a summer program cause the teacher had the class read a book about Ebola which then expanded into the GOF topic. I don't got any in depth info on it lol and I kinda forgot the info on it but it was a topic that I found super interesting to read/research.

There's loss of function too but I think GOF is more interesting.

So what's your opinion on it? Are you for or against it? Why?
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So far no one is against it, while I'm for GOFR I'll provide some risks below, cause not sure if people are aware of them

GOFR is a double edged sword
1) it's a dual-use research, could be beneficial or malignant
2) bio safety risks, could potentially result in an epidemic. Ofc there are restrictions and gov labs have top level security and virus containment measures. But that doesn't put into account human error. A simple accident is all it takes to create an epidemic.
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For example, the H1N1 virus, a global influenza epidemic is believed to have resulted from a lab accident.
3) experiments can result in bacterial pathogens becoming drug resistant
4) pathogen mutations are fully controlled and such mutations can cause chaos at any time
5) bio security/bio terrorism, such significant info on pathogens can be used to strengthen viruses and release them. Such as during WW2, the Japanese deliberately released pathogens/toxins during their attacks on China.
What do you think of gain of function research?
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