Why do you do/study science? "Why do you find it fascinating? For those who do?

To me I guess...

The true fascination of science is experienced always when before your mental eye all the tiny and separated elements reveal a picture of an organized structure, when you begin to see or when you manage to uncover patterns and connections that weren't known or weren't known to you before;

in other words when you feel yourself as a follower on the footsteps of god or nature who catch a glimpse at the perfect workings of the world and most importantly catch it due to own effort and devotion.

It can be a proof of mathematical theorem you find, it can be a solution to differential equation that describes motion under some peculiar conditions, it can be establishing correlations and codepedences between different statistics, it can be finding for something a catchy and handy formalism that is pleasant to work with or a formalism that simplifies some known theory, and it can be many many other things.

All of them have in common that discovering unknown before systematic connections and aquiring of new understanding of a whole as a whole (informational synergy!) despite the fact that it consists of many constituents, you could say creation of a whole and of connections (in your mind) where and in what form they weren't before.

I think even though they might not know it themselves any scientists who find science fascinating are driven by exactly that to the most part.

What is you own answer? (motivated by there are English subtitles)
Why do you do/study science? "Why do you find it fascinating? For those who do?
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