What do people who live on their own do?

Preferably, I want to hear people about my age.
BUT. I'm open to any ages. You could probably throw your mind back in time with this one.

I've done warehousing for... years now. I am almost 23 years old. I'm at the point where I just don't want to do warehousing anymore. I want something where I can sit down, deal with customers and so forth. Around my area, a lot of jobs need experience to get into that job.
All I have is warehousing, a bit of retail and hospitality experience. I believe I have an outgoing personality. I miss working with the public. I'm a huge extrovert, but I can switch to an introvert.

I have thought about a hospital, but most of the hospitals that are hiring are mainly downtown for me. With the job I have now, I want to call quits with it. I know I can't due to bills and such.
We all can't just up and quit the job. I work with a good company, but I don't think it suites me anymore as I thought it would..

Thank you. :)
What do people who live on their own do?
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