College & job advice?

I am currently 19 and in college. I applied for the LPN program. My dream is to be an RN. Right now I am just taking my prerequisites and I finish this semester November 25th. I work a full time job with set hours. Although, I just found out that the LPN program director wants you to not have a job because they want you to focus on the program and your studying. Also, the schedule of the program interferes with my job and I can’t work any other shift & no other job will want to hire me because my availability will be almost none. I also found out that the RN program director will kick you out if you work more than 20 hours a week. I can’t pay my bills on a part time salary. I need a job and I need more money than what 20 hours a week provides. I don’t have the money to support myself so I don’t have to work. My boyfriend also can’t support me, not that he wouldn’t help, but if he were paying for everything of mine, that would be really expensive. I pretty much at this point, have to choose between my dream and being financially stable. Someone help me out here? What do I do?
College & job advice?
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