Remote working - and CAMERA OFF (resulting in dimissal)?

So I got fired from a virtual working job yesterday.

I have health issues that effect my mobility, so I work for virtual communities (pre COVID), to better suit my chronic health issues.

I don’t have the camera on for 97% of meetings, as I would not present professionally, given I’m not able to dress myself most days and look unkempt.

I worked solid 8-10 hours each day - actively talking/inputting in meetings, writing ‘real time’ meeting minutes, + picking the phone up the second any colleague phoned me
... I didn’t missed a single call (20+ a day) - and responded to colleagues 30-50 daily messages, immediately in 6 months.

Inwas told that I was competent yesterday , but that the lack of ‘visibility’ via camera made them “worry”.

Yet 6 months ago she said the ‘camera off’ didn’t matter, yet 6 months on - she said that as “EVERYONE commented on it” - she had to dismiss me.

Does this make sense to you, and would you react/behave similarly with judgement, and why?

PS: I also worked with a liar colleague that I instructed to email VS phone me, given his consistent misrepresentations about “‘mistakes”/weekly attempts to tarnish my rep for no reason.
My boss told me from day 1 that he was untrustworthy/manipulative etc - yet I was told that my above action was “defensive” - and that his complaints about this, also fed into the decision to dismiss me.
... Yet the guy is retiring in a few months, regularly makes huge mistakes in his work and is a known liar (by all).

So again - does this all make sense to you?

I’m interested in objective opinions, since my perspective might be skewed, given the emotional involvement and abrupt loss of income.
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FYI - I’m of colour, working in an all white community. I mention this as my friend suggested that they were racist but just gave BS excuses. I only assume someone is racist if they are explicitly racist with their conduct, so I didn’t assume this tbh. Any insight would be welcome.
Remote working - and CAMERA OFF (resulting in dimissal)?
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