What would you do if your university faculty is attempting to ruin your life?

My faculty has broken their rules and regulations, acted negligently, refused to accept statements made by examiners, refused to accept the university's decision to not disadvantage a students progression during covid19.
Made an accusation of academic misconduct for an 'exam' and failed the module without being invited to the meeting. The person who made that decision had previously been over-ruled by the university for a decision made about something else which is directly related (they were biased).
Prevented me from resubmitting the exam which the university had granted to all students.
They then tried to get me to enrol, pay for the failed module again and they included a statement requesting me to agree with.
The consequence of all their actions is that I lost a job that required my degree.
The student union are in total shock at their behaviour.
What should I do? 😟 by the way I'm a BAME student and the university took a stance in 2020 that they will combat racism in education having recognised that in their state their is significant problem in and outside.
11 mo
I have learnt by reading the regulations that the outcome of misconduct was a harsher penalty of a 2nd degree (failure of the module) as though I had committed misconduct before. I had a clean record up til this point and should've received a lesser penalty for only the questions they made judgement on. They have not specified where or how proven.
What would you do if your university faculty is attempting to ruin your life?
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