What should a HS curriculum look like?

If you had the choice to enforce a permanent HS curriculum what would it consist?

For instance, not everyone wants to learn about finding the slopes of hyperbolas and won't use that in the future. Similarly, not everyone cares about learning a foreign language. This is what it should be:

- Language arts (reading comprehension)
- Basic and intermediate math
- Basic and intermediate science
- Cooking and cleaning
- Finances, savings and balancing a check
- Mandatory self-defense classes
- Time management and organization
- Basic car maintenance skills included in Driver's Ed classes

The rest such as elaborated quantum formulas, trigonometry, foreign language and other stuff beyond what will get you survival skills should be optionally. For instance if your major is biology, chemisty, engineering then ok.
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I'm noticing too many people that claimed to have wasted 4 years of their lives being forced to study useless topics, which served no purpose for their major or job positions.
What should a HS curriculum look like?
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