Should I become a cop?

Hey everyone. I have an interest in becoming an officer. I want to work my way up into being a homocide detective and eventually SWAT. As a kid, the idea of becoming involved in law enforcement never really crossed my mind. It wasn't until recently during my college application that I found myself wanting to become a detective. After struggling to find a career path I wanted to take, I finally found something that actually interests me. The only thing is that I need to be a patrol officer for at least two years. I will admit, before I hated cops because it was "cool" to. I was always surrounded by people who disliked them. It isn't until I decided to watch police body cam videos on youtube that completely changed my perspective on law enforcement. It made me realize that officers see and experience things we never thought of. From criminals taking a body full of led to officers saving people, only to get ridiculed. After being in criminal justice classes, my interest in law enforcement grew. I can see myself helping people while protecting them. The only problem is the people I'm surrounded by. My friends openly talk about their distaste for the police and seem pretty proud of it. My sister also hates cops due to the recent events that happened. Hearing things like this makes me sad and frustrated. Frustrated at the the bad cops and the media for causing such a clusterfuck of looting and violence. Sad because if my friends find out my career interest, I will lose them. My sister knows and wants me to choose another career. My dad knows and is worried but respects my decision. My mom doesn't know and it's because she gets EXTREMELY worried. I truly see myself wearing a badge and uniform, while helping people and solving crimes. I want this career. I'm just afraid of the reactions I would get.
Should I become a cop?
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