Is this the death of traditional higher education?

Ok, so by traditional higher education I mean physical universities.

Unis were struggling even before COVID. My uni were already planning on shutting down the wood workshop, metal and the concrete lab. My course was killed last year and we were taken in like refugees onto other degrees which really messed things up

Due to COVID, they can't even run the physical workshops they want to because they can't have that many people about doing stuff and so most courses have moved online.

Loads of students decided to sign up for uni specifically for the social experience and the first time away from parents. But that's been scrapped where they're told to live in worse conditions than a swedish prison without any parties etc

Regarding the parts of degrees that are online though, they are now competing with alternative courses, tutorials, etc that were designed for the internet.

YouTube is a perfect example, it's got countless tutorials on almost anything and it's free!

I am aware that my view is biased though based on a terrible uni experience so what's your thoughts?
Is this the death of traditional higher education?
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