I need help with a problem I been having?

So I want a good paying job and provide for my family and have a good house and car but people been saying college is the way to go to get a good job but to be honest I don't know if im smart enough I was home schooled on k 12 but I'm still looking what I ganna major in I was never smart in home schooled so what do you think I'm I to stupid to go college or do I have a chance I just want to be successful in life dont have worry about going broke I just want a middle class life be honest to me dont worry about my feelings I have thick skin
29 d
And I'm scared if I dont go to college I will have bad life I dont have a wife or kids yet but I plan to but I want the best for them I dont want them in a crazy house/apartment I want a good life and people keep saying college this college that how is college good if it puts me debt
I need help with a problem I been having?
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