Agency Job vs a direct hire during covid?

Hi just wanted opinions on a dilemma I'm having right now pretty much I currently have two jobs to choose from after about 9 months of being unemployed thanks to covid.

The first job is working for a bank through a agency with a contract for 12 months. Its also work from home and there is a chance for direct hire if I stay with it.

The second job is a direct hire accounts receivable job higher pay and benefits after the probation period. This position more closely aligns with my field of study which is accounting. They want someone permanently however this job is not work from home. Most people would say the obvious choice is job number 2 but what I'm worried about is covid causing a another lockdown and me being laid off from that job. I live in Canada in Ontario and the covid cases are usually 1000 a day and there is a rumor of another lockdown coming.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Agency Job vs a direct hire during covid?
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