Sick of annoying colleague - next steps?

I’m wondering if you fellow guys and girls can give me some advice.

I work for major corporate. I work in a team of around 30-40 people. I work as a product manager.
We work with a black girl - that is a Personal Assistant to our VP.
She comes into work with a face like a wet weekend - EVERY SINGLE DAY !!!
... it really affects the serenity of our group as she ALWAYS looks unnecessarily depressed. The rest of us are happy, smiling people, and we come to laugh, joke and have a great time all day. We honestly all feel that “Depression” is a choice.
She is mute most days, and makes a fuss over nothing with displays of “stress” such as frowning or raising shoulders at times - from a doing super basic job that any fool can do.

For eg: she independently organises bi weekly events for 150 -200 - and looks downcast/raises her shoulders intermittently because she is “stressed”.
It completely ruins the ambience and serenity of the events. We just ignore her, and pretend she isn’t there, lol.
We do report her to her manager in such instances, and review the event as 0-/10.

She is ultimately there to serve us, given low skill job - and ensure we have a great time, so she honestly shouldn’t behave in that imposing way.
She reported me for sexting my colleague daily for the past few months, coming in late and not working some days, because I was hung over, when she heard from our manager that I complained about her. It was inappropriate of her to do that, since I’m doing a senior vs low level job like her. It isn’t for her to judge me, since I’m doing a more senior job than her.

More examples : We had a dodgeball team game recently that I organised, and she didn’t participate, as she had a “flower arranging course” ?
This shows you the kind of weirdo she is !! ?
She then asked me if I wanted to go to a biscuit decorating class with her... WTF am I supposed to do with that weird shit?
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She is a super awkward person, she doesn’t drink, and just REALLY doesn’t fit in with us.
We feel that the above behaviour is really high maintenance, and we are sick of it. I can’t respect someone that has no ambition - and what kind of “stress” is involved in a low skill job. We talk about her everyday in the pub.
30 of us have individually told her, that we simply don’t understand stand why somebody doing such a simple/basic job, would be behave in the weird ways above, and we take great insu
12 d
insult from it. We need her to stop!
All 30 of us have also personally complained about her to her manager in the past 8 months, and he said he will take action (like massively sanction her bonus, or push HR to get her out).

Apparently she ‘confidentially’ reported depression” to HR - and her manager told us that he feels that she’s playing a card. He told us, as no one takes her seriously.

She is also poorly presented. She ha a bad lace wig that’s not even credible lol, and ill fitting cloth
Sick of annoying colleague - next steps?
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