Sick of colleague, any advice on the next steps?

I work with someone that does an administrative assistant job. I’m middle management, we have a manager that manages both of us. He also manages 30 people. The admin assistant comes in every day with a face like a wet weekend, and she is constantly anxious and stressed. She hasn’t said it, it’s just from her body language. All 30 of us take great offence from this, as it ruins the serenity of our team. We don’t understand the incessant behaviours, we find it to be quite insulting. We have pushed to get her performance managed on his behaviours and/or her bonus significantly reduced, so that she stops behaving in this way. She also has weird hobbies like flower arranging , and she doesn’t drink. So she just doesn’t fit in with us. She is socially awkward. We’ve told her that her raising her shoulders, frowning etc causes us insult in her day-to-day work, and yet she just continues to do this? Apparently she confidentially told HR that she suffers from “depression”. Our team feels that depression is a choice, so it’s honestly no excuse for ruining the high energy/fun dynamic of our group. It’s also an admin assistant job (VS CEO job) - so WTF would anyone get “stressed” with a job that is carried out by someone that clearly has no ambition or intellect. We are ABSOLUTELY sick of her. I wondering if you have any advice as to the next steps, we can help bring our group serenity back? Or if anyone else has had an unfortunate situation such as this, and you did about it?
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UPDATE : My colleague just texted me saying that since so many of us have complained, our boss is starting the motions, to get her fired. But do feel free to input what your thoughts/advice in the meantime (since her firing isn’t guaranteed, and so we might find yourself stuck in the same situation😔)
Sick of colleague, any advice on the next steps?
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