Can't Go Home for Breaks?

Hello! I'm currently a high school senior and I'm trying to start planning for when I'm in college next year.
I'm a lesbian and am going to be coming out to my mother before I leave, however I know how that's going to go down - I'm gonna be getting disowned. So I'm trying to figure out what to do during college before that happens so I'm not completely lost...
I'm not going to be able to return home over winter and summer breaks, and due to my family life being a complete disaster in other ways... I'm also not going to have any other family I can go home to. They're all homophobes who openly believe we deserve to die. Are there options in college for students to be able to stay on campus through those breaks? Or are there other cheaper housing options anyone knows of to start looking and saving for? I'm honestly completely lost on what I can do. I have little to no knowledge on this type of crap and no one I can really turn to to ask...
The college I'll hopefully be attending also doesn't allow freshmen to keep their cars on campus either, which is gonna be another issue for me... I'm genuinely thinking about just paying someone in my school now to let me keep it on their property over the school year and just living out of it in the summer and winter. But obviously I'd rather not be homeless- does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what to do?
Can't Go Home for Breaks?
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