Cash or debit card for businesses?

Many businesses have been robbed and risking their employees. Every employee has been told never fight back just hand it over don't waste your life. The insurance will send them a check to recover from the lost. Police department will just note and accumulate the amount of money the robber has stolen that way the robber can be sentence at full and be locked up. That does not stop them. Once they finish their sentence early because of good conduct will go back re do it. Police department will just wait again just keep noting.

To end this I think is best credit card. Many of you all may say, skimmers. Yes, skimmers but it will go as credit you can always recover your money. Plus now you have the lock card option. Another reason to prevent unauthorized transactions. If robber goes physical just hand it over and once he runs away go to the bank app and lock the card. If does manage to take your cell away from you. Simple go to any local store to allow you use a phone line and dial operator just ask to connect you with your bank customer service line to lock your cards. The phone remember is being tossed somewhere to prevent being traced.

Many businesses prefer cash because of taxes and avoid transaction fees.

I personally owned a landscape business and I handle everything online payments. No cash or register available. I even have a sign on the window of my business, "πŸ›‘ only credit or debit cardsπŸ’³ is acceptable. Cash πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ not available."
Cash or debit card for businesses?
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Cash or debit card for businesses?
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Cash or debit card for businesses?
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